Extra Models Challenge and Rendering Question

Here’s my go at doing a few extra models for practice:

A simple mug:

Shovel Knight’s helmet:

Master Sword:

I tried to make use of all of the skills we’ve covered so far. The array modifier, for example, was useful for the horns on the helmet!

Also I’ve noticed that some of the pieces others are posting have been rendered out real nicely with textures and certain effects etc. Anyone got any pointers or external resources for how you’re getting these results? Would be cool to start playing around with this early.


These are sweet . Nice work :slight_smile:

As far as texturing, rendering etc. As you progress through the course these subjects will all be covered in due course.

What i would suggest would be to work through the course, and as you have been doing, a bit of practice after each section to cement it and it will, over time, all come together as you progress :wink:


Yeah I figured they’d be covered, I’ve just seen some other people on here taking the initiative. I’ll hang fire and concentrate on the course content until it comes up naturally. :slight_smile:


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