Extra Modeling water simulator

I wanted to try the water simulation in blender and here is what i came up with. it took 10 straight days of rendering to get just this haha.


It looks very cool!

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Thanks it was agonizing waiting for this.

I bet it was! I am not sure I could have that kind of patience and more than likely my machine would crash somewhere along the way. :slight_smile:

Amazingly good. I know, it’s just number crunching for days, but it looks and behaves like water.
So special for you, a next challenge; apply some stone texturing

… ok, no water pressure here … :wink:

Wel done. I give it :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

ROFL. Hot dang. 10 days! Its like waiting for a super long 3d print. You sit there stareing at it. Hopeing it will go faster.

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Some what haha yeah.

Great but 10 days is too much.

Can you share your blend file, i think something is wrong ?

@Aapef no thanks, the only thing that’s wrong is I have a spare parts built old laptop.

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