Extra functionality

Ben suggested that we should add to the game once we finish the section, so I was wondering what extras people are putting in after finishing the section.

I’ve added a “colour” requirement to objects on the pressure plate and I have coloured cubes and white cubes which only count towards weight. So far I have:
room 1 with 2 blue cubes, a blue light/pressure plate and a green light/pressure plate, you need to put both in the blue light to open the door to room 2
room 2 has 2 green cubes and a white cube, you can either put both green cubes in the green light in room 1 or put 1 green cube and 1 white cube in the green light, either opens the door to room 3
room 3 has no cubes and a turquoise light, you need to put a green and a blue cube in the light to open the door

Great job, can you share some screenshots of animated GIFs?

Looks like gamedev.tv doesn’t support animated PNGs :frowning: so here’s separate screenshots

First room to start with ( you might notice a lamp in the corner there made in the Blender course :slight_smile: )

First room puzzle solved opens green door

Second room contains boxes needed to finish the puzzle

Solution to the puzzle that opens the third room and will allow you to open the fourth room

Solution to the puzzle to open the fourth room

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Great work, I love it when people go the extra mile.

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