Extra Challenges - Marker, Coffee Mug, Throwing Ax

Marker-2 Mug%202

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how did you increase the thickness of the coffee mug cylinder ? Did you use a modifier? how did you get the handle?

At the time, I was only using cube meshes to make my objects. I started with a cube, subdivided it enough to change the shape to a Cylinder.

Then I moved the vertices in top view to create the shape of a circle.

After that I selected all the faces within the circle and extruded down in the Z axis.

To create the cup handle, I subdivided the side of the cup to create the base handle

I then used extrude in side view to create the rounded shape of the handle

After that I copied the top handle base to the bottom and filled in the faces on both sides of the handle.

I also had to adjust the edges inside and outside the handle to get the final rounded look I wanted.

I hope the information helps. :slight_smile:

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