Extended Block Breaker

This game was shown on previous version of this forum, but why not to share it here…

I offer you 32 levels. There are different bricks (1, 2, 3 hits, unbreakable and invisible unbreakable bricks, triangle, circle, rectangle) and 13 special bonuses including:

  • 5 of them are score bonuses
  • duplicate ball (you have to keep watching the original one)
  • invisible ball
  • “fire ball” can destroy all types of bricks with only one hit
  • get extra life
  • lose life
  • paddle becomes smaller
  • paddle becomes wider
  • reach new level

Game is connected with Google Play Services so you can compete with players all around the world. :slight_smile:

>>> Check it here <<<

Now I am working on “Pirates and Monsters” game for android. I think I will finish within a month. Have a nice day :slight_smile:


I’d like to announce that my block breakear is now in top of google play searching list. :wink:


Congratulations @he.lukasz, well done, great achievement :slight_smile:

@Rob Thanks Rob! At the moment it’s 7th block breaker game in Google Play with over 550 users. With today’s knowledge I think I should change almost everything in that game (I made first beta version near a half year ago) but it’s still good news to share . :))

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That’s a great achievement, maybe it’s time to go back and make version 2? Sound like it could be very popular and as you said you have obviously learnt a lot more since it’s release :slight_smile:

Maybe I will but at the moment I have to finish my “Castle defender”. By the way I think that this record’s goona be hard to beat. I have 20-40 new users every day. :wink: