Exporting Your Work

Person loves Ball

First things first, I see this is a very old topic but I just started the course. Secondly, I realize that these images were supposed to be black and white but somehow I couldn’t help myself.
bowling chessboard loves person

R. LeDuc

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Ball Chessboard Heart Person Smiley-Face

Here are my first exports!

guy Heart Smiley-Face

Here’s my take on the man that loves bowling.
Man Heart Bowling

Person loves bowling! :slight_smile:

Bowl1 Bowl2 Bowl3

bowling Chessboard loves Smiley-Face

My attempt - very much a noob soooo I hope this works!

3 1 2

man loves bowling


nice i love it

walk1 walk2 walk3

Chess Heart Smiley-FaceBowling

planets rocket asteroid hits rocket astronaut

My bowling story attempt
bowling1_8x8 bowling2_8x8 bowling3_8x8

And a heart because I love GameDev TV’s staff and students.

Some exporting from me :wink:

Hey everybody, I started this course to pursue my dream of being an indie dev in the future
and I am here to export my first gimp creation :rocket:

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