Exporting questions

Q: Where do you want to export your next model to?
A: Unity!

Q: What axis is up?
A: In Unity, Y is up.

Q: Handedness?
A: Unity uses a left handed coordinate system.

Q: Does the model have an appropriate orgin?
A: An appropriate orgin for my pyramid would be in the center of the base, so it snaps to the floor when placed in a scene.

Q: Are the meshes grouped appropriately?
A: For my pyramid, yes because I just have a single pyramid. If I had multiple pyramids like shown in the lecture, I’d probably want to export each pyramid independently.

Q: Is the model closed?
A: Yes? I think so. Every visible face is closed, but there are faces inside the mesh which are not closed. Not sure if that matters. The stairs would be an example.

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