Exporting not showing colours in UE4

When I exported my model to an FBX file and opened it UE4 the materials were there, but no colours. I when it the UE4 material and it had nothing connected to it. Is there any setting I might of missed when exporting or importing that might change this?

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  • did you use the search option, to look in old forum messages?
  • Did you ask this question also in the Game Dev development forums?

Unfortunately, you will have to set up the material inside unreal engine. It normally brings in the texture maps for you but it doesn’t read materials very well from other software.

To help unreal engine, it’s important to set up the material inside blender in the most simple and “correct” way possible by plugging textures into the principled BSDF shader in blender before you export it.

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Thank you, I’ll have to keep that in mind.

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