Exporting from Blender into Unity after applying modifications

Hi, professor and classmates

There’s something i’d like to confirm…
When importing a .blend file into Unity, Unity doesn’t “adjust” the model into its environment, it actually modifies the blend file by turning it 90 degrees in the x axis, for instance.
I noticed it after editing a mesh already saved in Unity assets folder and then, when I clicked Apply transforms in the object menu in blender, it messed up my mesh in Unity when I saved it.
When I turned back to the model in Blender, I found that Unity had turned my object 90 degrees, instead of adjusting it in Unity itself.
I really have this “mania” of applying every modification to the object after I edited it, dont know if it’s a bad thing.
Hope I made myself clear…
Am I correct? Or have I committed some mistake??

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