Exporting Checklist | Intentions?

What axis is up? How about handedness?
Blender - Z Handedness - Right
Unity - Y Handedness - Left
Does the scale set in blender come through?
In unity it does but on other platforms it may not.
Does the model have an appropriate origin?
Make you the model doesn’t have an offset and is centered correctly.
Are the meshes grouped appropriately?
You wouldn’t put all your meshes or finished assets in one file but possibly components.
Is the model closed? How about the base?
Make sure all the normal’s are facing the right way and there’s no back face culling check this especially for 3D printing for example.

Where do I want to export to?
I’m looking to export my assets and creations to various different platforms be it game engines (Unreal Engine, Unity) Or 3D printing for my company.

In Blender you have (3D-print) tools to check this and more.

Regarding axis, some software will recognize Blender setup and act accordingly.

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