Export your own palette

Quick question, is it possible to export your own color palette to use it for other blender models or maybe even in another program? Or maybe you should just prepare a palette outside, like in Photoshop?

Side note: this is a wonderful course, I really enjoy it thus far. Having this student-teacher interaction in an online lecture is something new, and I think it is very good. (Not to mention that you seem to enjoy it, which is also nice :wink: )


Yes, you can!

Store your colors in a Blender pallet.
Then you can APPEND color PALLETS from other projects using Blender pallets object (function, feature). It works for VERTEX and TEXTURE PAINT!

See FILE > APPEND select project, pallet


Other trick is to use a color bitmap image, so then you can color pick the right color from that imported color pallet bitmap.


Thanks a lot for that solution! I did expect there might be something like this.

The color palette bitmap trick was as a matter of fact mentioned in the video :slight_smile:
But if you, say, paint your first model, than you want to create bitmap palette from that colors, you would need to do that manually in photoshop, paint, gimp or whatever else? (That’s what Id expect tbf.)

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