Export working pistons to Unity?

Hi all, so recently i’ve been working on a 3d model:

I’ve been trying to rig it, but those pistons on the legs are driving me crazy. Is there a way to export functioning pistons to unity?

I know there’s alot of tutorials out there, that teach you to rig a piston, but they teach you to do so inside blender, using constraints, which cannot be transfered over to Unity, so idk what’s up there.

Do you guys know what the best approach would be to get these working inside the game engine? thx.

EDIT: changed this post’s category to Unity, ask.

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Maybe ask the Unity section?
Or use GameDev search?

Unity Skill Builder is a section for the Quests and Challenges contained within that ‘course’ so you are not likely to get help here as doesn’t deal with Blender at all.
Your best bet may be in one of the GameDev discord channels?

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