Export Blender Environment/Assets/Materials to Unreal in an efficient way


This might be not such a long tutorial, but I’d really like to know how this is done. I have a whole “map/level” designed in Blender and can’t quite figure out how to set it up in Blender and export it properly to Unreal Engine. I found a Blender->UE export plugin which leaves the origins at the center of the assets which is already a huge help as I don’t have to move every asset to 0,0,0 before exporting, even some materials are getting exported quite well when I import them in UE.
At the moment I first export the whole scene without the plugin and import them in UE as single mesh. Add it to the scene to get an overview of the arrangement. Then I import the FBXses with the plugin which saves all assets separately with their origins where they are in Blender and add the single meshes to the location where they should be regarding the import of the whole map. Also the UVs are being exported properly,but is there a better way, especially also regarding LODs? Haven’t quite made LODs yet for my meshes, not sure if the plugin understands /supports them, but haven’t really looked for into this yet…
Addon: https://www.blendernation.com/2018/09/16/add-on-blender-for-unreal-engine/

What’s great about the plugin, I hardly get any warnings regarding topology/normals anymore!

Secondly I have assets that are actually based on several standalone meshes due to easy material associations. But is this really a good way to go? Should I just create blueprints for example for a house which is made of meshes for doors, windows, house itself, etc, etc and combine the meshes inside the BP? or should I join these meshes beforehand and still be able to assign various materials to specific parts of the house even though it’s one mesh?

Where should I set up materials? In blender already? Or shall I design them in UE later on?. The export in Blender and import in UE often gives me just materials that are white instead of having my textures or colors I defined in Blender (haven’t tested 2.8 yet). I mean substance designer sounds interesting and I will give it a go for sure, but it’s not the time yet as I have to much to learn besides that and the costs are not worth it yet.

So what would be the best way to design assets/environments in Blender (and what assets would you create in Blender, what assets elsewhere) and their respective materials and how would you export and import them from Blender to UE so they actually can be used in the most efficient way in UE afterwards and still look as much as possible as designed in Blender. That would really interest me, I played around a lot but can’t figure out if there’s a better way of doing things :smiley:

There’s a thread on datasmiths website/forum that asks about the implementation of Blender for Datasmith, but it’s not really visible if they are going to do it or not. A lot of ppl are of course interested but they state that there’s someone else doing something like that, but if he finishes this actually or not is a bit unclear.

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I’m just going to tag @Michael_Bridges as I’m sure he may have some ideas/feedback and he may not see your topic otherwise.