Exploring the Beauty of Unity Lighting

I spent last week learning lighting & post preprocessing in Unity. Tried lighting a simple low poly scene build out of this asset. After spending a lot of time in Blender/Cycles, switching my thinking to lighting in Unity way was quite hard. Here is what I managed to achieve (and comparison across pipelines):

My observations:

  • HDRP is great (though performance heavy)
  • URP is OK, but I needed to use paid asset to make it as I wanted (mostly for light shafts).
  • BulitIn pipeline requires the most work, but one can also achieve quite nice results… but also with paid assets.
  • I didn’t include this in the video, but I also tried Aura2. It was great back when it was released, but I wasn’t happy with the results now. Too many artifacts, which I couldn’t get rid off (even when using presets that come with it). Most likely I miss something, but it is what it is…

Which one do you like the most? Any tips on pushing Unity’s lighting even further?

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And did the same, but during night. It was way harder…

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