Explore The Human Body In My Game The Pill Project

If you have the time please play my game The Pill Project. The Concept is that you are the pilot of a pill shaped shuttle that has been shrunk down so it can be injected into the veins of the patient. The 5 levels in the game let you navigate through the veins so that you can try to find a diagnosis for the patient.

In the future I would like to add some more levels where you can cure the disease or virus with lasers and save the patient but for now hope you enjoy what I have made and best of luck completing all 5 levels.

If you do get the chance to play let me know about your experience if that’s not to much to ask. Thank you all.


Reminds me of the show Ozzy & Drix show!


Not seen that show but have seen it in a programme my child was watching and that’s what gave me the inspiration.

This is really cool! I love it

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Thanks :grinning:

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