Explain our main () function

i am new to C++ and Unreal engine.
so i think main () function is the main thing in the program. it will run all the program.

Since we’re doing this at the same time @Anji_Bmax, I’m gonna share my own first impression here as well :slight_smile:

I think the main() function defines the length of the game and how it will progress, depending on the “PlayGameAtDifficulty” function.

In other words, exactly what you said :joy:

My own words on the tripleX code sections:

  • #include brings up code from other programmers from a library
  • main() tells the computer to run/read what we want it to do
  • Expression statements tell it what to do
  • Declaration statements tell it what the “building blocks” we defined are (variables, constants, etc.)

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