Experiencing very differnt behavior from in video with multiple AI

My AI is working the same as in Sam’s video when one is placed in the scene, but when multiple are placed in the scene, despite detecting each other as expected from the video, they also have the problem of immediately detecting the player when the player is not in range. For some reason one of them goes to his first waypoint first before heading to the player while the other heads to the player immediatly.

Then when I add the enemy tag condition, as exercised in the video, they work as they would in the video only the first thing they do is head to player’s location in the map before going about their waypoint routine. There also seems to be some problem of them both immediately detecting the player out if total random when out of range.

It is very hard to narrow down wtf is actually going on. As far as I know they should be operating as instructed in the video.

Debugging only adds to the confusing unpredictability of their behavior…

^ First the AI tries to follow me when out of range:

^Then they get marked “as suspicious”. If I dont move then they will respot me when I am not in their radius,

^And I i move far away enough, SOMETIMES they spot me and sometimes they dont

^Before hopefully returning to their waypoints

^But if i am unlucky they will randomly spot me.

The only way to reproduce seems to be completely far away from them. But I suppose the strange behavior happens most when close.

^Also for clarity here you can see their sight range; in this screenshot they are chasing me when I am out of their sight

After playing again I just noticed one of them walk right by me while patroling waypoints face palm

I just experiemented with 7 AI’s and 5/7 of them eventually found me. The other two stuck to patroling. This is so strange.

They all had the same waypoint list

And in this screenshot you dont wanna know what happened:

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