Experiencing Fps drop when clicking in Editor

Ok so as the title suggest i began to notice that whenever i click on something that has a rigdbody/boxcollider in it in the editor and then i switch in PLAY mode it start to lag a little, i began notice because when i was moving the Character sometimes it was less “fluid” in the movements.
why is this happening? i went to older projects and it seems this is true even in my older projects,
usually i didn’t never noticed because when starting playmode the hierarchy would “highlight” the don’t destroy on load, it’s not a big fps drop but i can feel it and also see the little “spikes” in the movement if i click on something else it begin to work normally.
Could you check if you experience something similiar?

This is a video i did where you can see that when i click on “Caverna_Player” it begin to walk in a “CHOPPY” way (0:15 to 0:18 seconds)

You can test this by simply putting a character with a simple rigibody movement and by clicking on it

The Pc i’m on currently is also pretty powerful (1060 gtx 6gb, 16 gb ram , 3,4 ghz CPU so that’s not definetely it ahahah)

I am on Unity version 2021.1.4f1 so i tried to switch to an older version but triying again this exact situation gives me the same behaviour
UPDATE: i tried thiis on a different PC and by putting in the scene only a little circle for the player with script,rigidb,and collider and a rectangle with collider as terrain and it still occured…

2ND Update: I discovered that this happens only if i have the components not “minimized”
like this

having them minimized does not make happen the lag spikes

I looked further into it and i discovered that this in happens ONLY if you have the info section of the collider and rigid body opened

minimazing make all good, or at least it seems to for now, maybe it’s because it’s where the information keep changing and displaying while moving the object with the physics? :thinking:

Hi @Shinos,

How are you getting on with this problem?

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don’t worry i solved this by minimizing the inspector tabs as i said in the other post, just don’t notice it as before

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