Exciting News For My First Major Blender Project!

After some touch ups and polishing (And finally finding out what remove doubles is in Blender 2.8) I think that it’s safe to say that my first major blender model is finished!

after several hours of working on this model I think I can call it complete, I have been having so much fun in blender and to finally see a crazy project finished is amazing! I’m very excited to begin work on other large projects, most of which are gonna be in the same “universe” as this little fella who I have named R.O.M.B. Here are some pictures of the extra detail I have added since my last topic. Here, I have added some mechanical wiring and other robotic bits in an indention, I have added these on each side. Here, I have added a bulge with an indention inside of it, I have added four of these around the body to add some detail and show some of the energy being held inside R.O.M.B. I have added these two metal bits to the top and the bottom of the body, just for some extra detail. Here, I added some extra plating of sorts. And here I just added some extra mechanical bit. Anyway, let me know what you think and share any tips or ideas for the model, thanks for your support! Also I rendered these pictures in Eevee.


Hi, much work and a lot of fun!
Because it’s an fantasy robot thing. It is difficult to referencing what we are seeing.
For some pictures, there is nothing to imagine what it’s scale is or function. No reference where the viewer can relate to.

Build your skills by doing lots and lots of tiny projects. Instead of one big one. And try to create clean projects, so you can re-use models from older projects.

Have fun and happy rendering.

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Thanks for the tips! I’ll make sure to keep that in mind in the future.

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