Example Sound File Link Not valid

When I try to get the sound file through the link I get the following message:

raw.githubusercontent.com refused to connect.

Hi Scott,

I’ve had a quick look at the Resources for this section of the course, the only sound file I can see is in lecture 27;


I’ve clicked on the link and have been able to download the file without any issues.

I note your reference to GitHub, so I followed the other link through to the Lecture Project Changes, when I tried clicking on the .mp3 from there it didn’t do anything - however, if you right-click on the Download button for the .mp3 and choose Save link as… you should be able to download the .mp3 without any problems.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Is this still an issue? It downloads fine for me in an Incognito browser.

Thanks for the responses. Turns out to be a site blocked by our work computer. I was able to download at home and go through the lesson

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