Everyone doing okay?

Hi all,

I haven’t seen much discussion in the past few days and want to check that we haven’t broken the forum somehow. Does anyone have any cool progress to share with us?


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I’ve been zooming thru a few courses whilst waiting for a new quest.

Its been a couple of weeks since we had a new quest I think? I’ve missed a few but I’ve been finishing off the RPG Course and my furlough ended so I haven’t had as much free time lately

Been checking for new Skill builder projects.

I had news a little while back that our furlough was ending, and I was starting to feel a little over Unity as I started to get mentally ready to get back into work. False alarm. Still furloughed… Now I’m feeling ready to do a good Unity run.

I’ve been plowing through courses I’ve had on backlog. Finished one yesterday on Particle Effects. It was pretty poor quality. I would have much preferred to see one from Gamedev. Getting through about two or three smaller courses every few days and trying to push through the RPG course at the same time. I’ve also started watching a bit of youtube to learn some more of the business end of game publishing.

I saw your request from the mobile course (not getting any notifications when new stuff comes out) and noticed that there was some that I hadn’t done yet. So I’ll get through that this week and write that review/blurb for you.

Was planning on going through a bunch of courses I have on backlog and then going back and starting the 2d/3d/Skill builders and do any project that interests us to make a expanded version of each. I suppose we’ll see how that plan goes over the next few months.

I would also second that on a particle effects mini-course. I suck at particle effects so bad. I just can’t get them to do what I want. There’s also the effects graph thing I saw in a tutorial. I would love it if gamdev.tv did a course on those things

I did a particle effects one that i enjoyed on Udemy by Gabriel Aguiar - which made me realise I’m no VFX artist!
I recently bought a Synty FX pack when it was on sale as FX do make games look better…


I have been working on Floaty Boat and have gone down a rabbit hole to procedural generate the land

Which I will share



I would love to see that

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My apologies, I’m getting ready to travel back to my country, then I have to do quarantine in a hotel for 5 days and then I’ll get access to my PC. From there its time to catch up

Yeah I bought the Synty effect pack when it came out too. Polish makes the world of difference for the average user.

… and DAMN! I didn’t see that Gabriel Aguiar one before. That looks mint. I think I’ve found what I’m doing this weekend! Thanks for lead.

GameJam kind of tuck it out of me a bit. Also been trying to play lots of the games from the jam. I don’t play enough indie games it seems, its been good to see lots of different ideas and takes on things.
I’ll hit the next quest to get me back in the swing of things again :).

I’m glad you’re all doing well and having a chance to catch up on various projects! More Skill Builder projects are on their way.


Hey Rick, Just a heads up:

I’m not sure if this was intentional, but the quest " [✦] COMPLETE MESS QUEST :: 2D top down avoidance game" seems to be released. From what I can tell, it went straight past testing, past the Recently added Quest and straight to the general area for Season 2 Qeusts. It looks like it’s released to the public, in both the Quest and Forum threads.


I am working on a procedural island to go in the middle of the water

show you soon


Looking forward to more Skill Builder projects!

Thanks Michael, do you see it now in the review section?

Yeah, it’s in the review section now. Thanks.

I’ve written notes for it, so when that section is ready, I’ll paste it in.

@Rick_Davidson I have been doing the mobile course and really like it as its short, simple and really good.

As this had high demand you may want to consider a mobile friendly skill builder challenge.


Thanks for the note Kurt. Good idea.