Every day Apoclypse

  • Game Title: Every Day Apocalypses

  • Game Overview:

    • Concept: Players assume the role of a king tasked with defending their kingdom from a new apocalypse each day. The game combines elements of strategy and survival as players manage resources, fortify defenses, and plan for varied threats.
  • USP (Unique Selling Point): The key feature of the game is its daily-changing apocalypse, ensuring no two days of gameplay are the same and requiring adaptive strategies.

  • Gameplay Mechanics:

    • Core Mechanics: Building and upgrading towers, managing resources like manpower, food, and materials, and adapting defenses based on the nature of the apocalypse.
  • Towers: Various types of defensive structures (e.g., archer towers, magic towers, cannons) each with unique upgrades and effects.

  • Enemies: Different apocalyptic scenarios bring distinct enemies (zombies, robots, natural disasters, mythical creatures, etc.)


  • Levels: An endless mode with progressively harder apocalyptic events, and possibly a campaign mode with a storyline.

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