Even Stabbier Than Before!

Stabby Jeff finally living up to his namesake:


I’m so very proud of him. :sob:

You’ve stabbed good, son.

Real good.


And here’s the “game speed” version of the thrust/stab:



“Call me Brutus”

Really good! I like how the rear foot makes the tiny rotation. +1


Thanks! I tried to capture the details in Grant’s reference as much as I could. I think it was really good to do it the way the course takes you through it because it allowed me to keep making changes as I went and rethink things.

Can’t wait to do more!

I’m either starting the Animation & Rigging course or the character creator course. I have a project in mind, and would need both …

And also, darn Black Friday discounts! lol

I’ve gone through a lot of the courses here and you could really go with either and be fine. You might want to do this one if you’re interested in getting to the animating/rigging sooner. Character Creator gets into it, but it’s not until much later in the course. Since it looks like you just finished the Anime Creator course, I don’t know how much more the Character Creator course will give you. You could probably skip the first three sections and hop into Blocking Out which I think is where it starts doing the Orc.

I sort of halted my progress through that course because the first two sections are on mechs and tanks and I wasn’t too interested in that aspect at the time. I may go back now, though. Really you can’t go wrong, but that’s my feeling on it all.

It seems like we both enjoy BNPR/anime style stuff. So I’m looking forward to seeing how your project goes!

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Ha - I’m interested in the part about hard modeling :smiley: I’m coming from the CAD world and hard modeling in Blender is counterintuitive to me. I might just do this part, and then do the animation course.

Yeah, I enjoyed the anime course a lot. I might build a Neon Evangelion inspired mech for the course. My goal is to make an Elite Dangerous inspired short video - space game and stuff :smiley: So, I need the hard modeling.

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Ah that makes total sense then! Good luck! It’ll be awesome!

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