Eve Online

Any other Eve players here?

You’ve probably read about Eve in the gaming press, it’s a constant source of epic tales of betrayal and loss, including the recent war that deposed The Imperium from the position it had held at the top of the pile for a long time.

I’ve been playing since 2004, and know the game pretty well. If you’d like to give it a try, sign up for free trial. Using this buddy link gets you extra trial time, and once you sign up I get a reward (called a PLEX) which I’ll cash in to give you ingame money (ISK) to get you started. Starting with half a billion ISK is a lot easier than starting with nothing and grinding missions for 50k ISK at a time - take it from someone who did that :slight_smile:

Happy to answer any questions about Eve. It’s one of those games that I’ll probably play, on and off, until the servers go dark.

It’s also a great example of driving engagement and managing an ingame economy, if that interests you from a game design point of view.

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It does look amazing from that trailer.

Eve has always been the game that got me in and then I realized that I was mining and having no fun. :disappointed:

Yeah that’s a common story. CCP haven’t done a great job historically getting people past PVE into the PVP and metagame, where the real fun is.

My advice as always is to join the largest alliance you can get into, and try everything.

I Played for a bit. I enjoy the mining aspect and the creation. I stopped when I was getting slaughtered in .8 - 1.0 systems by idiots with nothing better to do then grief players. Kind of hard to learn when you spend all your time starting over. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice. I might just get the starter pack for Eve in the Summer Sale. :slight_smile:

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If you log into an old account, right now they are having a special I saw for like 39.00 for 3 months with 3 months of alt training free.

I might jump back in on that deal myself.

Might not hurt to check, save the cost of the starter pack, get to download the client without paying for it again, and get a deal.

I played for about a year. I the end I had 3 characters in total, great for mining and dual screen farming hordes. I was with a smaller Group somewhere in nullsec. At some time I realized that the real fun was in PVP which on the other hand took a massive amount of time, waiting for allies and enemies to show up. Time which I did not really have, so I dumped the game for others, where you can play as little as you like without falling behind your friends and foes.

I’m noise in-game but am not currently subscribed!

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