ETA on the course Remaster? What to do while waiting?

Hi. Is there an ETA on the release of the remastered course? The original 4.1 course had four games: Bulls and Cows, Building Escape, Battle Tank, and Testing Grounds. The current course currently has 1.5 games. And at my rate I expect to “catch up” with the current state of the remaster in five days before being forced into a sabbatical.

So my two questions are as follows:

  1. What is the ETA on each part of the course? I would like to cover each game in one go, rather than watch a seven-minute video every week. To be precise, (a) when will Building Escape be released, (b) when will Battle Tank be released, and © when will Testing Ground be released?

  2. What other (beginner) Unreal courses would you recommend while waiting? Would the Unreal Engine (a) Blueprint course, (b) Cinematic course, © Multiplayer course, or (d) VR course be appropriate for a beginner in Unreal?


  1. Building Esscape is targeted for Christmas the other two don’t have timeframes as they need to be reworked.
  2. Blueprint and Cinematics. The other two are considered intermediate.

Thank you, that was helpful. Looking forward to my Christmas present. :slight_smile:

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