EscapeZ - My extended Zombie Runner Game

Hello everyone!

I just finished my first playable build of my game inspired from the zombie runner section of the course : EscapeZ!

You can see it here:

It was an awesome experience and I learned so much in the process; I feel like I’m ready to tackle a project of my own!

I know there is still a lot to do to really polish the game and there may still be a number of bugs, and I don’t know if I will push it that much further, but I can’t believe that not even a year ago I couldn’t even write one line of code!

I will put up a link soon to download the game for you guys to try; I still got some issues with Windows 10 preventing to launch the .exe for some reason :rage:


Great work, very atmospheric. The “player thoughts” are very well done as prompts, and the overall implementation is tight.

If you are going to take it further, a couple of things:

  • the footstep sfx sounds cheap. If you can tone that down and maybe have it change over different types of terrain, it would make a big difference to overall quality. Same with the gunshot sfx.

  • Someone sure likes leaving pistols just lying around outside in open crates! Find a story based way to lead the player to a weapon.

****** well done though.

Thanks @ninjachimp !

Yeah those are on my “to-do list if I ever want to work on this game again”, but it took me so long just to get the mechanics working and have something playable that I think I’ll focus on a project with a more sensible scope.

Maybe I’ll try to fix the footsteps at least, it’s true that after a while I kind of don’t hear them anymore!

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Seriosuly good joob!
I just finished my go at the zombie section and i realized how much work it can be.
Your game is just awesome and one can see that you really invested a lot of time to get the features working.
Especially liked the environment, the features (pick up gun, shooting, animation…) etc.