Escape the rooms. Blender lowpoly sketch

Hello everybody!

My variant of GDD:


Goal: get out of the rooms.

How to play: player can walk, jump, move items. Player must find hints and arrange items in a specific way so that a secret door is opened. There are not any possibility to die in rooms, player can only leave the game.

Riddle: there are four plates on the table in the one of the rooms that correspond to the four rooms. Two plates are empty, in the third plate are three pears and in the fourth are six apples. It can be determined that the number of apples is equal to the number of chairs and the number of pears corresponds to the number of small bedside tables. Also the floor in one of the rooms is the pear-color , and in the other half the color is like an apple.

Solution: player could move all the chairs to the red-floor room, and all the small nightstands to the yellow-floor. So the door opens.


  1. The player can find the first hint in a conspicuous place on the TV screen.
    It tells us: “you will find a clue on the table”.
  2. The remaining hints are located behind the items and can also be found by the player:
    • fruits is an objects in rooms
    • pear == small cabinet
    • plates == rooms
    • apples == chairs

Possible problems: maybe it is relly hard to find parallels between plates and rooms and between fruits and objects.

Sincerely I wish everyone success and progress in writing their games!

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