Escape the Creepy Neighbourhood!

Hello, I tried to make a completely different story for my escape game. Drujba is a neighbourhood
in Sofia where i grew up and there are a few weird things going on.
Can you escape it?

p.s English isn’t my native language so there might be some mistakes i’ve missed, please tell me if you noticed them.

This was pretty creepy. It was like playing through a nightmare, no way to know what option will end in your death, and it’s interesting that the only “good” ending that I found required the player to look at a room and choose NOT to enter it, but it just ends in him/her being bussed back to the beginning anyway, so I guess it’s a neverending nightmare. Well done.


Thank you, i’m glad you liked it.
And also i’m curious how many times did you manage to die before reaching the end?

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