Escape Sketch

Evernote Sketch

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Nice sketch, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Have a go at adding the #building-escape tag to help other students find your work?

Totally failing at having my sketch show up here. ???

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Also tag with #2_be_urc. @sampattuzzi will be updating the links from Udemy soon

Thanks Honey, yes that’s the lecture tag and in future all Udemy lectures will link to this to pre-populate and make your life even more of a dream

Hmm, it’s not letting me add that tag. Are the links from Udemy changing? I noticed some of the lecture discussion links from the course content were not always working.

Yes it’s all changing right now, generally those tags will be added automatically when you come from Udemy. To keep the list of tags short you can’t add, but I’ve done if for you.

Udemy links to be updated soon

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Very clever. I love how you used the Bull Cow game as one of the puzzles, smart thinking!

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