Escape Room - Initial GDD

Escape Room Information

Room layout

Room contents (not all will be visible initially)

  • Desk
    • Computer monitor
    • Keyboard
    • Mouse
    • Drawer
      • Pencil
    • Notepad
  • Chair
  • Calendar on wall (multiple dates circled, at least 5. Month will be December of 2006 (arbitrary year)
  • Waste bin
  • Hanging picture
  • Bookshelf
    • Various books
    • Other bookshelf items
  • PA Speaker (hopefully will provide the urgency for leaving the room)
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Light on ceiling fan
  • Dual Lightswitch (one is for light (on by default), other is for fan)
  • Safe (behind picture)

Progression for leaving (unlocking door)
(Working backwards)

  • Open door
    • Obtain key from safe
  • Open safe
    • Create code from circled date on calendar, and highlighted entry in book on shelf
  • Finding safe
    • Safe is hidden behind picture. When turning the fan on, it makes picture rattle/something else to signify it can be moved.
      • Can’t be moved until then
  • Open book on shelf
    • Completing the Bulls and Cows game on the computer will have a reference toward the book in the game winning screen.
  • Play Bull/Cow game
    • Unlock computer
  • Unlock computer
    • Password is found by rubbing pencil on the notepad on the desk
  • Obtain pencil
    • Found in the desk drawer
  • Be able to write on notepad
    • After turning fan on, top sheet flips over revealing feint writing

Stuff that can be interacted with upon entering room

  • Switches (light/fan)
  • Desk drawer
  • Computer (prompting for password)

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