Escape Room - Here is what i came to

Puzzle games are one of my favorite games :slight_smile:

Here is what i came up. (the image is quite dificult to understand, so i put the descriptions below)

So, there are 4 rooms, each one is a little bit difficult than the other.

Room 1 - Simple Pressure Plate.
The room has some pressure plate. When the USER stands over it, the door opens.
When the user leaves, the door closes.
There is some moveable object (such as a chair) in the room.
Solution: Put the chair over the Pressure Plate.

Room 2 - Roll up the big dice.
The room has 6 paintings with some numbers from 1 to 6 (or something that indicates the numbers)
Also, the room has a big dice.
When the user touches the dice, it rolls bouncing in the room.
The user press the paintings according to the up face of the dice.
When the user press a painting, he must roll the dice again.
When user completes 6 cycles correctly the door opens.

Room 3 - Bulls and Cows
The bulls and cows locker
The interface here is the key to the puzzle.
We don’t tell user that is a bulls or cows game. Instead, we present:

 – 0 - 3 –
s a t u r n

each click in letters, changes the letter and rolls up the bulls and cows again.
When letter repeats the bulls and cows count displays 0.
Solution: ‘planet’ is the correct word

Room 4 - The Grid Puzzle
The floor is a 6x5 Grid that has 7 black blocks and the rest is white blocks
Also, the room has a ‘Battery’ object in one side of the room. (According to the draw)

Each 4x4 space has a pressure plate in the middle (or a button)
When the user activate the plate, the 4x4 subgrid ‘turns’ clockwise.

Solution: The user must build a path between the battery object and the door by activating the buttons.

I hope it’s not too difficult to assembly this.
LoL :grin:

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