Escape from Vanderbilt Tower (Finished Look of my Game)

Here’s a screenshot of my text adventure. Instead of going for flashy colors, I simply made the background a desktop wallpaper I had that fit the theme nicely. I also tinkered around with the Text Mesh, but I didn’t use any nutty colors. White ended up working nicely enough since the background is dark.

[EDIT] Now that I’m looking at it, I think the text box is slightly askew. I might have to go back and straighten it, but I’m excited to move on to the next lesson, so I’ll probably come back and do that later.


Looks good! Would be interested in playing it if you want to upload it!

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The Idea is good. :slight_smile: And it looks like you’d put a lot efford in your story. So i want to play it someday, too!

And here are the critics.
I find the Background distracting. In combination with the small text it’s a little hard to read.
Maybe you could either use a higher opacity for the textbox or try to darken or blur the background image a bit. But I don’t know if there’s a way in unity for that or you need to use software like gimp ore photoshop.

Hey thanks for your feedback. I whipped this up quickly over my lunch break at work. If I see the idea of the story going anywhere, I’ll finish and improve it, but I’m more in this course for professional development. I’m a bit more advanced than the text adventure tutorial since I’m a Microsoft.NET developer already, but I’m going through the whole course.

As for your questions about opacity, I’m still tinkering with that. The text box itself comes from Unity Engine itself, so I could tinker with the opacity settings. Being honest, I just pulled from the design documents we have at work since this is what my clients prefer. I can see why you’d find it to be a bit busy though. I agree, I just haven’t been back to this as I’m in a few of Ben’s various courses and haven’t looked at this until now.

Anyways, excellent to hear from you. I hope to hear feedback just as good on my more ambitious work.
All the best,

Jim Clever.

I’d love to finish it, but I’m primarily doing these courses to improve my C# programming abilities. Since most of the changes I’d need are just story-based or cosmetic, I’m likely to abandon this project in favor of more complex ones.

Even still, I’m always happy to hear from other developers about my work. Cheers and good luck in your own projects.

Jim Clever.

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