Escape from Pegania - my first text adventure game

Hi everybody!

Here’s my short text adventure about a crashed airship pilot trying to escape from an enemy city through a busy Airship Port. The game includes 2 Game Over conditions and 4 different endings. It also includes some very basic roleplaying elements (eg. choosing whether you wish to comment on certain things or not).

I did some basic bug fixes, but nothing very special. For example pressing “3” led to an empty state so I just commented that part of the code. On screens with only 1 possible next state, pressing “2” also led to an empty state. I fixed this by having all the states have 2 possible next states, so if there is only one option to choose, pressing “1” or “2” will have the same outcome.

I also nocticed some typos (English is not my native language) but decided that for a game this small I can overlook them.

Love to hear if you have any comments.

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