Erros in lecture Camera Shake

Hi everyone, I get the following errors and I have no idea what to do. Any help would be appreciated.

can you share your projectile.cpp and projectile.h? Have you tried building from the engine? Most of the time you get more informative errors doing that.

Hi Phillip, thanks for your help. I have tried that but I get an error telling me to rebuild manually. Here are the files you asked for:

If you’re using UE5.0 switch out the UMatineeCameraShake for UCameraShakeBase. I had to do that last night to get the project to compile. Unless you already included the GameplayCameras Module in your build.cs file.

If you want to use the UMatineeCameraShake. Make sure you have enabled the plugin inside the editor:

add the module to the Build.cs:

then add the header in your projectile.cpp
#include “MatineeCameraShake.h”

A link to the UE5 Documentation:
UMatineeCameraShake | Unreal Engine Documentation

Versus the UE4 Documentation:
UMatineeCameraShake | Unreal Engine Documentation

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Could you show the output of compilation? That would be far more informative of your issues.

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