Error with Cursors - RPG Project

I downloaded and am using the cursors provided in the lecture but am getting the following warning:

Invalid texture used for cursor - check importer settings or texture creation. Texture must be RGBA32, readable, have alphaIsTransparency enabled and have no mip chain.

UnityEngine.Cursor:SetCursor (UnityEngine.Texture2D,UnityEngine.Vector2,UnityEngine.CursorMode)
RPG.Control.PlayerController:SetCursor (RPG.Control.CursorType) (at Assets/Scripts/Control/PlayerController.cs:142)

RPG.Control.PlayerController:Update () (at Assets/Scripts/Control/PlayerController.cs:44)

Anyone know what that might be?

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Bumping this up to see if anyone can assist? Let me know if you need further information. Thanks.

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Check the cursors’ import settings. They must look like this


Thank you! That was it. Was that talked about in the lecture and I just missed it?

Thanks again!

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Yes. The first lecture under ‘Final Polish’ (where we imported the cursors from the Asset Store) at about 08:10

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