Error while installing Blender

Hey, everyone
Can someone help me fix the error while installing blender 2.8. I’m using Windows 10 PC.

Don’t install 2.8 it’s in BETA STAGE…
install 2.79

I installed 2.79 on my Windows 7 pc. Had a 3D error associated with my video card. Updated the driver software, rebooted and now I’m in business.

With Windows 10, it’s usually easiest to install from the Windows Store (it’s free to install Blender 2.79 from the Windows store, and should be free to install 2.8 when there’s a stable version.)

Of course, if you want to install 2.8 now, then you can’t do it from the store yet.

If you describe your error in more details (or what you’re doing when trying to install, with screenshots), perhaps others can help. There are many issues with Windows, many things that can go wrong.

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