Error when my BP_Player overlaps the trigger box

Many Thanks

Hi Paul,

Sorry for the wait for a reply on this.
The error that is being displayed usually relates to an issue with the level being loaded and the most common being an execution node not being connected.
As i can see that your execution node is indeed connected i think the issue might be related to the folder structure you are using as its stating an invalid URL. This i think means that it does not the underscore in the project name and so cant load the level name from that URL

If you have not solved this then you may need to have the project with no underscores in the project name but hopefully @Tuomo_T can expand on this in case i am incorrect on this.

Hope it helps

Hi Marc
Thanks, I will change the folder name and retry.


While I agree with Marc that the cause is the URL being used to try and reach your level, I don’t believe the underscore is bad.

It’s encouraged by the “unofficial” style guide to have a top-level folder and the underscore is a legal character in naming. So it would be weird if UE couldn’t handle it. My own testing seems to confirm this as I can’t replicate the issue here.

Assuming the issue is unresolved, it would help if I knew what version of UE you were using.

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