Error related to generation of VSC project

It does create the project (or at least it says it does) but BullCowGame.code.workspace isn’t to be found anywhere. And when I manually open up the folder through VSC, it shows me all the projects, but tells me there’s some sort of error with BullCowCartridge.h. Please help. I have also attached images below.

When I hover over the red markings, it says “Can not open (CoreMinimal.h)/(Console/Cartridge.h)/BullCowCartridge.generated.h)”

same happened with me before, try opening Unreal → File → Open Visual Studio Code or try " “Refresh Visual Studio Code Project” from the file menu as well ~ lemme know if it works <3

No that didn’t work. What happens is when I click on “Generate VSC Project”, it does show me that dialogue box that says, “Updating code project” and everything, but like once all of that is done and the system tells me that it has finished generating the project, when i open up the “file” section, I can’t see the “Open Visual Studio Code” option and neither can I see the “Refresh Visual Studio Project option”.

By the looks of it you have extracted the zip under the place where you installed Unreal. Don’t do that, only the engine itself should go there. Extract it into your user area.

I don’t think that’s the issue. I had installed VSC months before I installed Unreal. VSC is in my user area itself.

Oh do you mean to say that, I have installed the “BullCowStarterKit” under unreal? Yes I have done that. Will extract the file to my user area and will get back to you.

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Hey so I was finally able to solve the issue.
So basically, when you’re extracting the BullCowGameStarterKit files, make sure you extract it to some random folder anywhere on your system, EXCEPT under the Unreal Engine Folder. This solved my issue. Cheers.

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