Error launching game on MacOS

I’m tying to pack the game on MacOS and send it to a friend. He run the game, it flashes and disappears.

He tried to run from a console and get this:

LogProjectManager: Error: Failed to open descriptor file …/…/Tanks.uproject
LogGenericPlatformMisc: Warning: MessageBox: Message : Failed to open descriptor file …/…/Tanks.uproject
LogInit: Warning: Could not find a valid project file, the engine will exit now.

I googled a lot and found that deleting Saved and Intermediate folders with Full rebuild after that could help. I did this, plus I set a list of maps to include in a packaged build (both levels) and I set a directory to never cook - StarterContent (moved textures for grass out).

This helped. But I don’t understand what exactly I’ve done, why just full rebuild without deleting folders did not help.

How are they trying to run it? What have you sent?


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