Error in the course (course 121 in combination with 123) - lampbase being part of the rig and later on being seperate from it?

In course 121 (Auto IK Constraints) the lampbase is parented to the stem-bone (so it moves along when you move the rig). No problems there. All works fine. However, in course 123 the lampbase seems not to be part of the rig anymore when the rig is parented to that lampbase. (when trying that last parenting with the set-up from course 121 you’ll end up with an error since you create a loop). I figured I made a mistake so i watched a big part of the section again but I can’t seem to find any mistake (also made a simplified model to test it myself, but it just doesn’t seem possible). So i wonder if there is an error in the course or am I missing something?
(what I ended up doing was unparent the lampbase from the bone so I could parent the rig to the lampbase, but it cost me loads of time trying to figure out why it didn’t work the way it should)

Glad I wasn’t the only one that caught that. Spent a good 20 minutes scratching my head on that one as well.

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