Error in Fader after making the changes

As the title say, after I made the changes in SavingWrapper(moved from Start to Awake)

I get the following error when I start the game with a previous save file :

error that happen on FadeOutImmediate method.

Any idea how to fix that?


Yes, move CanvasGroup = GetComponent(); from Start() to Awake()

While you’re their, you’ll find other references in your scripts that need to move from Start to Awake… Equipweapon in Fighter.cs is one of them.

What’s happening is that when Portal loads the next scene, everything that happens till the end of the script occurs between all of the objects Awake() and Start() method… so anything inititialized in Start() but referenced indirectly in Portal needs to be initialized in Awake().


I made the changes that you suggested and working as intended. Thank you.


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