Error in changing states

  1. I am having an issue with changing states (one in specific). What makes this situation complicated is that there is: 1. no error message or warning in the console, 2. only an issue in one state change (which is weird because it is coded the same way as the others.)
    See example below.

I do not have a prediction about what the issue is.

Remember as I mentioned there is no error message showing in console. The console that I transition from fireplace_1 to cottage_poker, but the text does not change.

Hey Dominic,

It looks like you’ve managed to resolve your issue, would you like to share what you spotted/fixed so that your code would work? It may prove useful to other students. Thanks! :slight_smile:

The issue that was occurring was in the update function. When I originally looked at it, I thought it was an error in the transition from fireplace_1 to cottage_poker. In fact, after investigating the console, I realized the key press was working and transitioning me to cottage_poker. So my next thought was: Why is the text not showing up? I realized that State_cottage_poker was missing in the update function. Therefore, no next was being displayed.

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