Error in aiming section within blueprint course

struggling with a error recurring on tutorial for aiming and aiming animations in following unreal engine 5 blueprints first person shooter.
any help would be great as im going over the tutorial and cant figure out why this step is occuring on the aiming section and stops the animation transition from the walk to aim
Blueprint Runtime Error: “Accessed None trying to read property Animation blueprint”. Node: Set IsAiming Graph: EventGraph Function: Execute Ubergraph Arms Blueprint: arms

any help would be great

This happened to me and it’s because I changed my Mesh (CharacterMesh0) Component in FPS_Character. I changed the Animation Mode from “Use Animation Blueprint” to something else. The Anim Class is set beneath this window. Whatever you set it to is what you reference when you use the “Get Anim Instance” function.

Zappy has it right (and apologies for not addressing this sooner), the reason you’re getting that message is because you’re trying to access a variable from an object reference that has no object to reference. This is where the “Accessed None” comes in for the error message.

All you have to do is assign an animation blueprint in the details panel of your skeletal mesh component, “mesh”.

Zappy & Tuomo_T thank you both I renamed the mesh to “characterMesh0” and refleshed the animationblueprint and it seams to be working now. :slight_smile:

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