Error C2661: 'UCartridge::PrintLine': no overloaded function takes 0 arguments

Hey guys,

At early stages of Bull Cow Game section of tutorial and the title message errors keeps coming up when i compile.

code below:

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PrintLine’: no overloaded function takes 0 arguments

This is just saying that you cannot have an empty PrintLine.

At Line 15 you have PrintLine(); which is empty. I believe making it non empty like the others should fix that one.

To further that, there can be multiple functions with the same name that take in different things which are called overloaded functions. In this case, it says that are are zero that can take nothing which is thus an error in your code.

What you pass into a function are called arguments. Again zero means that you are trying to pass in nothing which it can’t accept.

Code is rather unforgiving. So you have to be rather strict and also learn to figure out the errors when you get them because its going to happen most likely a lot. Sleepy days it will get worse :slight_smile:

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Thanks for that.

New issue; my compile times are shocking on Bull Cow Game. The issue remains even after i implement the fix to

It can take up to 1 minute plus to compile, where previously it was 1/2 seconds.

Any help will be appreciated.

It can take up to 1 minute plus to compile, where previously it was 1/2 seconds.

Haven’t tried building their UE4 Bull cow game (only the pre-UE4 c++ only one), but personally, I wouldn’t be concerned about compile times. They are going to change and there’s not much that can be done about that besides removing things or getting picky to such an extent that it drives you nuts. Just live with it is how I look at it.

To add to that, its not 1 hour each time or even 6 hours. When compiling takes less than 10 minutes, I don’t complain ever. When it takes hours, that I will complain about :slight_smile:

Okay fair enough, valid advice for a rookie such as myself.


1 minute definitely doens’t sound that bad. If you’re willing to fork over ~£90 a plugin just recently released on the marketplace

No idea how good it is but the reviews seem promising. Hopefully Epic can just buy it and include it into the engine…

That would be quite nice :smile:

It is definitely in Epic’s interest to improve it so maybe in time there will be something.