Error bridging edge loops for several circles

I got an error when trying to bridge loops for several circles, one of top of the other.

Blender is complaining I should select at least two edges but all are selected.

Image shows face selected but same error when is edge selected.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Please show 3d version (not frontal).

I see 4 dots, meaning you are using 4 mesh objects.
bridge loopswill only work inside a single mesh object, with at least two loops.
These loops must have the same number of vertices!

What you can do is to

  • select all 4 objects and JOIN them; Ctrl+j
  • Go into edit mode TAB
  • Select two edge loops
  • Perform the bridge function.

FedPete seems to have spotted the problem. And solution. The ‘loops’, your circles, need to be one object not several, then edit mode will join them all when selected.

Generally it helps to give full screenshots, as there can be info like what mode you are in visible. Other settings etc.

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Thank you! that work, missed to join the objects.

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