Eraser Challenge - GIMP Course

So, I played with the house from the earlier challenge and just decided to remove everything other than the house :smiley:

House No background.png

The other thing I decided to try is play around with the eraser to try and make the clouds above the house a bit more transparent, so they could look like… y’know, like actual clouds. Does it look okay, or does it look more silly than anything?


Also removed the windows, It doesn’t really make sense in a more realistic point (like, what? Is this house suddenly made out of just one wall being the face? Is it under construction? We may never know!), but that was done more or less for practice’ sake :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: Picture’s too small to probably show any meaningful difference I think. I’ll zoom in and crop out to see if it’s any different then.

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Incredible work. You out so much detail and effort! I’m impressed. Keep it up and you will be an incredible 2D artist!