Eporting Blender to Daz Studio

This has been a royal pain to me since the beginning, and the lecture in this chapter is inadequate, imho, because it doesn’t actually show and explain the Blender export menu. I hope it’s covered more in-depth in a future lesson.

The recommended import/export format is .obj.
Which axis is up? Y left
scale 1:5000
Origin never comes through properly. Anyone know why?
Mesh groupings are disastrous. Blender and Daz seem incompatible to me, but advanced Daz users somehow make it work.
Is the model closed and the normals aligned? Historically, the models I make are cleaned up before export, but often throw in stray edges and flip random normals during the import.

If someone could take me through the Daz/Blender import/export process in both directions, I’d be greatly appreciative.

When I was using DS on a regular basis, I imported in OBJ format all the time. When you select the OBJ to import, DS will pop up a dialog box, Convert to DAZ Studio, and you should select the down facing triangle at the end of the first option “From”, and select Blender. I usually have the “Scale” set to 5000% so I can have the mesh up close and personal. As for the “Axis Conversion” I change the Vertical (Y) option from Z to Y, and then make sure the following checkboxes are checked:
Read Groups
Read UV Coordinates
Read Surfaces
Read Material Library

Be forewarned that once you change the Vertical Axis to Y, the “From” option will change to Custom, and that’s fine.

Then click the Accept button, and you should be good to go.

Thanks for the info. I’ll put it to good use, but which check boxes should I select in the Blender export screen?

Ooops sorry about that. As a general rule, I have the “Forward” option set as -Z Forward, and the “Up” option set as Y Up.

I also check the following checkboxes:

Apply Modifiers
Include Edges
Write Normals
Include UVs
Write Materials
Objects as OBJ Objects

Whether or not you need to check any of the other checkboxes, I’m not sure as up until now, I’ve only used Blender to model props and such, and I haven’t used Tris or Nurbs. As you progress through the course, you might find need for some of those other options.

So I installed DAZ 4.22 and the settings @Miss_B provided work but they flip the object (right becomes left) when imported to DAZ.

New blender export settings I found working (Blender 4.02) are:
Scale: 100%
Forward Axis: X
Up Axis: Y

DAZ (4.22) import:
Scale : 100%
Default XYZ for lateral, vertical, depth

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