EOF error when using Live Coding Compilation

Any idea what’s causing this? I tried adding variables as mentioned but they weren’t appearing in UE so I decided to delete these variables overall and nothing really helps.

It might be worth adding that the PC crashed while running the build/whatever it’s called through terminal in Visual Code. Not sure if this could be actually causing the issue but running that thing again (whether it’s UE or VC) looks like this and I’ve not idea how long would I have to wait for that to compile.

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I’ve managed to compile that, UE shows no errors, yet the variables aren’t being displayed in UE.

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Issue has been solved.

I kinda went another mile and started the project from a scratch but besides the crash during compilation the reason behind the problem could be much more trivial than it seemed, yet I am unsure - to put it short, I haven’t CTRL S or turned on the autosave feature in VC.

Just in case someone stumbled upon similar issue.

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Nice work working through and solving your problem, this should be pretty helpful to others!

Hey! Do you have any idea on how to trouble shoot this without restarting the entire project? I have the same problem as you and unreal also crashed for me. I haven’t even messed with my code or directory files and now all the sudden it won’t compile.

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