EO434 - > VertexFactory.h error (failed to initialize a link)

I can’t find anything of this error in the documentation and it’s kind of confusing that someth is wrong with program file.
Here is a translation of error EO434…
Error (active) E0434 failed to initialize a link like “FMeshDrawSingleShaderBindings &” (qualifies as non-constant) with a value of type “FMeshDrawSingleShaderBindings” UE4 C: \ Program Files (x86) \ ALINA \ UE_4.22 \ Engine \ Source \ Runtime \ RenderCore \ Public \ VertexFactory.h 634
Thank you in advance)

I’m not sure but it looks like you are supplying the wrong number of arguments to the function? ShaderBindings should be the 10th arg not the 8th. I know that I get confused when it gets to be that many lol.


VertexFactory.h is also reference to VertexStreams and not ShaderBindings which is what got me thinking about not having correct number of args but also in reference to VertexFactory (3rd actual arg). In the end, not the one that’s highlighted.

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Don’t use Unreal Studio.
In your .uproject file have Enterprise be false and then regenerate the project files by right clicking the uproject.

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Ohh… I see)) thank you a lot

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