Envisioning and Implementing Unique Game Mechanics

Hi everyone,

For those who have already completed their respective engine courses, how about a fast-paced follow-up that is just a crash course on coming up with and implementing unique game mechanics, which can then be put in our own projects? It’ll be a nice contrast to the engine courses which were more focused on getting a full game working from start to (acceptably) finished.

Some fun example topics that could be visited:

  • Time manipulation (such as in Prince of Persia: Sands of Time where you could rewind the gameplay to undo your platforming mistakes.)

  • Portals (the main game mechanic from Portal and Portal 2)

  • Seamless level switching (In the game Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver you could at-will phase between “spectral” and “physical” realms, where the level geometry and architecture would twist and transform around you, letting previously unreachable areas become accessible, with different NPCs residing in each different version of the map.)

  • In-game building systems (such as flattening landscape and placing buildings in an RTS, or base-building such as in Fallout 4)

  • Sound-analyzing components (In the game Audiosurf, obstacles are automatically generated to the beat of the music)

  • Realistic water physics (Like we’ve seen in the classic jetski racing game WaveRace 64

Would be fun and super useful!

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